Sony PC Companion was designed to manage, connect devices and transfer files. The free program is multifunctional. High performance and fast query execution made it possible to comfortably use the proposed content. In addition, the application supports many operating systems , including Windows, Android. You can download Sony PC Companion for free from the official version using the links on our page.


The popular program is a utility and has useful built-in features.

The main function of utilities, according to experts, is security and confidentiality, because it is important for users that personal data is protected from unauthorized access. Backup is used to copy and save files. In order for the phone's memory not to clog up and the device to function, the developers decided to introduce the "cache deletion" function. The ability to translate the program into different languages is caused by the multilingual interface. The firmware function of the Sony PC Companion is firmware. The main purpose is to store the contents of non-volatile memory.


When installing the program for free on a computer, laptop, phone or tablet, you need to:

  1. follow the link to the page;
  2. read information about the installation file;
  3. you can familiarize yourself with the supported devices;
  4. in conclusion, find and click on the built-in "Install" panel. 


The user gets the opportunity to update the firmware using the suggested resources if the phone connection to the device is completely disconnected. In the program, you need to enable "software update" in order to correct and save the data of your phone or tablet. The USB cable must be connected to the computer during the process. After connecting, the utility will download the necessary firmware to the phone. After that, the user will have access to perform any operations on the data.


Summing up, it is safe to say that:

  • Sony PC Company is not only a universal, but also a multifunctional application;
  • the popular application allows you to work comfortably using the resources offered.